A city to experience and explore! Exceptional buildings, great culinary delights, interesting events and a rich cultural history make our city an ideal place to experience Carinthia from its most beautiful side. St. Andräer lake charming - refreshing - tempting - exciting

are the excursions to the natural lake in the most beautiful part of Carinthia
"FORBIDDEN GARDENS" - Generational park ... meeting point for all generations with the Mariengrotte (grotto) and beautiful resting places amid nature BASILICA MARIA LORETO ... most significant pilgrimage and wedding church in Carinthia with the chapel of the "Black Madonna"


Enjoy the most beautiful moments in one of the loveliest cities in Carinthia


Spend your free time in one of Carinthia's most scenic countryside


Explore the history and traditions and meet the people of our city - from the medieval era to today


Many cultural and sporting events await you


St. Andrä

is one of the oldest places in Carinthia. Elevated to city status in the first half of the 14th century.

The pilgrimage and wedding church MARIA LORETO, elevated to BASILICA in 2014, with the Chapel of the 'Black Madonna,' the Cathedral of St. Andreas, and numerous churches in and around St. Andrä, shape the image of a city with a history and a scenic surrounding worth seeing

Not just tradition, but a 1000-year history characterizes fruit cultivation in the Lavant Valley (Lavanttal).

There are many options to experience our culture and traditions firsthand.


St. Andrä

lies on a river terrace of the Lavant, in the middle of the beautiful Landscape of the Lavant Valley (Lavanttal), the paradise of Carinthia. The cityscape is dominated by two churches: the cathedral church, once the cathedral of the bishops from Lavant and the Church of Pilgramage Maria Loreto.

Upcoming Events

Exciting experiences for young and old!

Kultur am Berg Details

Kultur am Berg

20. June 202419:00 – Pölling – Pfarrkirche

Sonnwendfeier Details


22. June 202420:00 – Gasthof Sieber

Reading Details


27. June 202418:30 – St. Andrä – Galerie II

3. Jaklinger Sommer Open Air Details

3. Jaklinger Sommer Open Air

5. July 202419:00 – Jakling – Dorfplatz

St. Andrä -
A place to explore!

St. Andrä -
The city is blossoming!

Past Events

Impressions from the last events

St. Andräer Trachtenfrauen - 40 Jahre Jubiläum Details

St. Andräer Trachtenfrauen – 40 Jahre Jubiläum

16. June 202410:00 – Basilika Maria Loreto

Familienfest in St. Ulrich Details

Familienfest in St. Ulrich

16. June 202410:00 – Pfarrhof St. Ulrich a. d. Goding

ÖKB OV Fischering - 65jähriges Bestandsjubiläum Details

ÖKB OV Fischering – 65jähriges Bestandsjubiläum

2. June 20249:00 – Festplatz in Fischering

Frühschoppen des Abwehrkämpferbundes Ortsgruppe St. Andrä Details

Frühschoppen des Abwehrkämpferbundes Ortsgruppe St. Andrä

26. May 20249:00 – 10.-Oktober-Platz St. Andrä

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