Blasmusik Maria Rojach

Peter Perchtaler (Obmann)

Tel: 0660 4859019

Dorfgemeinschaft St. Jakob

Chorleiterin:  Martina Gressl, MEd

Obfrau: Mag. Maria Maier

Tel: 0664 88500675

Jaklinger Sänger


Hans Peter Richter (Obmann)


Jakling 130
9433 St. Andrä

MGV u. Gem. Chor Maria Rojach

The MGV Rojach was founded in 1929 by a group of determined local men. The main initiative came from Hans Hleunig, a mill owner from Mühldorf, with support from Franz Probst and Lorenz Weinberger. An important impetus undoubtedly came from the dissolved singing circle. The association also had a highly suitable choir director, Franz Skoff. He also gave the association its motto, which was first heard in 1933 during a choir performance:

The bright sound of German songs, may it always resound on the slopes of the Koralm.

The significantly reduced male singing associations after the Second World War necessitated the establishment of a mixed choir in 1956. Franz Golger served as the founding chairman, and Fabian Draxl as the founding choir conductor. Nevertheless, singing continued in the male choir as well. Since 1960, the association has carried its current name – MGV und GEMISCHTER CHOR MARIA ROJACH.

The choir's repertoire includes secular and sacred choral literature as well as light music. Naturally, the Carinthian song is regularly cultivated by the association. In various formations, the choir performs numerous appearances throughout the year in the village and the community. Moreover, the choir is also willing to participate in various events such as funerals, weddings, birthdays, etc.

Particularly noteworthy is the choir partnership that has been in existence since 1975 with the Singverein Halbturn from Burgenland. This partnership was officially sealed in 1976 and is regularly cultivated during important events.

In 2004, the Carinthian Singers' Association (KSB) awarded our association the Golden Medal of Honor. There have, of course, been numerous other highlights for the association, including the choir performing the Passion in St. Martin im Granitztal for the 39th time in 2022.

The choir is committed to preserving traditions and being actively involved in events throughout the annual cycle. However, as we also aim to attract more young people and have a young, dynamic choir conductor, contemporary songs are increasingly incorporated into the rehearsal process. Moreover, we make an effort to ensure that socializing and a sense of community are not neglected outside of rehearsals and performances.

Besonders stolz sind wir auf den gelungenen Rojacher Kulturstadl, der für unsere Konzerte ein sehr heimeliges und schönes Ambiente bietet und darüber hinaus als Probenlokal zur Verfügung steht.

DI Gerald Radl
Ragglach 21, 9422 Maria Rojach

Gerlinde Reichel

Anna Grünwald

St. Andrä


Astrid Stippich (Obfrau)

0664 5312255

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